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Why Military Members Can't Get Texas Car Title Loans?

If you live in Texas and you're strapped for cash, you might be wondering if car title loans in Texas are a good option for you. These short-term loans are secured by your car's title and they're easy to qualify for. Lenders will not check your credit, so past credit issues will not bar you from getting the money you need to pay important bills, avoid late fees, get your car fixed or get through a tough situation.
Most people can qualify for Texas car title loans, as the basic qualifications include being over 18 and owning a car outright with a clean title. Still, not everyone will be able to take advantage of these convenient, fast loans and you may be denied for Dallas car title loans for a few reasons. If you are an active duty member of the military, or you are dependent upon someone in the military, federal legislation could be standing in your way from getting the loan you need today.
The Military Lending Act of 2007 is the primary obstacle for military members and th…
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Why Military Members and Their Families are Ineligible for Ohio Car Title Loans?

If you live in the Columbus or Cincinnati area and find yourself having trouble making ends meet this month and no other way to borrow the money you need, you may have already thought about applying for Cincinnati car title loans. These short-term loans are easy to qualify for with no credit check and provide the money necessary to pay bills, fix a car and handle an emergency.
While most people qualify for Ohio car title loans, provided they are over 18 and own their own car with a clean title, not everyone qualifies. There are many reasons you may be denied for Columbus car title loans, but one of the biggest reasons is federal legislation that prevents active duty military members as well as their dependents from taking out a car title loan.
The Military Lending Act of 2007, which is a provision of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2006, made a number of changes to lending practices for U.S. military members. After a Department of Defense report found that 17% of military pers…

What You Should Know About Columbus Car Title Loans?

Some people may wonder: Are Columbus car title loans available, are there advantages to car title loans, and  how does a person get one? Yes, car title loans in Columbus are available and simple to get. Since a title loan is a loan given to a person based on the equity and value of his or her car, the loans can be for as little as a few hundred dollars to as much as several thousand dollars. While there are some basic requirements, most Columbus car title loan companies work with the individual to help them get the most out of their loan. The nice thing is, that with few exceptions, almost everyone qualifies.
There are many different reasons a person may need a loan. It could be because of an unplanned event or emergency. Perhaps they lost their job or had unexpected doctor bills. Maybe they need the money to pay for a home repair. Or it could be that they have just over-spent and need to cover the everyday costs of living. Whatever the reason, when people need money, they often choose…

What is the Worst Case Scenario with Houston Car Title Loans?

Car title loans in Houston are actually a lot like payday loans, as both options offer a simple application and approval process to get you money same-day. When you apply for a payday loan, the lender will require personal information, such as job history and monthly income, but your credit will not be checked. Payday loans are unsecured, which means you don't need to give up any belongings as collateral against your loan. While this may be an advantage, it also means payday loans are a higher risk with a higher interest rate for a lower sum of money, which is usually between $150 and $1,000.
Despite the similarities, Houston car title loans are a bit different. Title lenders will still want to same information and they will not check your credit, but your vehicle is used as collateral against your loan. When you take out car title loans, Houston lenders will use the value and equity in your car as a basis for the loan. Your loan could be up to $15,000, depending on how much your c…

Understanding Car Title Loans

Life has unexpected bills that come out of nowhere. We aren't prepared so the money to pay these bills off will take some time to accumulate. If the time isn't there to make all the money then a decision to get the money quick is in order. Miami car title loans is the option we have to get the money we need right away.  The car title loans in Miami will save us from a small disaster.
It’s best to truly understand the terms and conditions about the Miami car title loans. These car title loans in Miami can only be used if we own the vehicle. No payments to the back or car dealership. The title must be ours. Taking the keys and the title to the company will be the first step in this very easy process.
Necessary paperwork will be filled out because this process is a short term loan with interest that will need to be paid off in time because if not then the car will be taken by the company. The interest rates can be on the high side but this is because the loan is so short and no cre…

Title Loans Houston Explains How Car Title Loan Interest Works in Texas

Title Loans Houston, which provides car title loans to residents in Texas, explains how interest is calculated on title loans. According to the lender, this is one area that most confuses borrowers, and it may lead some to borrow more than they can afford to repay.
The lender also points out that many are surprised to learn that these loans offer rates that are comparable to credit card rates, which may be surprising considering the reputation these short-term, bad credit loans have obtained.
Most car title lenders in Texas offer pre-calculated interest rates, which are determined based on the resale value of the car. This interest is simple interest, which is a percentage of the principal amount, unlike compound interest, which is interest not only on the original balance but also on interest previously earned. The lender does point out that this interest rate may change if the loan is refinanced for a larger amount.
Title Loans Houston recommends using a simple online interest calculat…

Things You Didn't Know About Houston Car Title Loans

If you have bad credit, you probably already know that banks won't lend you money. When an emergency comes up, you may feel pretty panicked and desperate, wondering how you'll come up with money you just don't have. Unfortunately, many people write off car title loans in Houston because they buy into the negative publicity. There are actually many advantages to title loans and, while they're not right for everyone, they can be just the thing to save you in an emergency. Here are some things you may not have realized about title loans in Texas.
1. You Keep Your Car Many people mistakenly believe that Houston car title loans work just like payday loans, which require handing over your property to secure your loan. The truth is, you continue driving your car while you pay back your title loan, and your car's title is returned to you once you pay off the loan. As long as you don't default, you will never have to give up your car for a minute.
2. Houston Car Title Loan…